Brandon Stunkard

by Corey Brown, February 19, 2018

Hello My Name is Brandon Stunkard and I am the Volleyball Director here at RISE HEAT Volleyball Club and wanted to share my coaching philosophy.

I have coached at the RISE for multiple seasons and have had great success and also have had the privilege of working under what I feel is one of the best coaches in the country, Coach Antonio Leao. I have learned, studied, and grown under his tutelage and can’t wait to share all I have learned with our volleyball community.



  • I believe in challenging our players.
  • I believe in using different approaches on defense and offense based on the abilities of our opponents. My teams will learn multiple defenses and use them based on situational play.
  • I believe teammates should be supportive and encourage each other. I have zero tolerance for arguing amongst the players. The coach does the coaching, not the players.
  • I believe team sports should be fun, but I am also very competitive and want to win. It is the coach’s responsibility to figure out a way to do both.
  • I believe the mental aspect of the game is as important as the physical side.

I do not just tell players where to go but explain why they need to be there.

Brandon Stunkard
RISE Heat Club Director
(972) 772-9061

Yvette Prado
Volleyball Director



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