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by Corey Brown, March 24, 2018

My name is Vito Peralta, recently transplanted from Southern California. I grew up playing a variety of sports, finally concentrating on volleyball. I sought out to find as much coaching and experiences as I could; I worked as a coach’s assistant for a nationally ranked Division 2 women’s volleyball team. I learned a lot about volleyball technique, strategy and performance training.

I saw the importance and benefits of sports specific training. Through self-training and motivation, I increased my vertical jump and my quickness and balance which made me much more efficient on the court.

I was recruited to a men’s volleyball team at a community college in Los Angeles. There, I was started as outside hitter and lead the team as a team captain in my two years with them. During that time, I became an assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team and started a sports specific training program for volleyball concentrating on vertical jump and agility. This greatly improved both individual and team performance.

My personal experience has taught me how young athletes can benefit from sports specific training. That’s RISE Total Fitness we will be offering vertical jump training as well as agility sessions to help young athletes perform better and succeed at their chosen sport. We will be addressing all types of sport specific training for soccer, basketball, volleyball and football.

I hold a Master’s Degree of Fine Art, but my path has always led me to sports. I am currently obtaining a certification from the American Sport & Fitness Association for Sports Specific Training.




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